"I think of you so often you have no idea." - James Joyce, Ulysses  (via versteur)

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"No relationship is ever a waste of your time. If it didn’t bring you what you want, it taught you what you didn’t want." - (via drunkbae)

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"All I wanted was to receive the love I gave." - 10 word story (via suchvodka)

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rosie and ?


Queued xo
"What I want is for the two of us to meet somewhere by chance one day, like, passing on the street, or getting on the same bus." - Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via inspiring)

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my anonymous friend sent me this and i thought this was really beautiful


i want to sleep for 2 years and wake up with a degree, an apartment and money in the bank.

"I will never stop losing my breath every time I see you looking back at me." - (via emptieds)

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